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  3. ¿Como hackear una red WiFi?
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Reaver apk is a supportive app, which is mandatory for the primary application to work. You can use the Bcmon application to monitor and to balance the traffic in the residential environment. The commercial environment would usually be managed with the help of high-end devices, but the bcmon application can be used in some emergency situations to crack the network and to control traffic in an efficient way. The application in the mobile phone can handle almost anything in the general world, where people from different parts of the world are using Smartphone application for different purposes.

Backtrack – Todo lo que necesitas saber

Bcmon application is a high-end application, which has been used by IT and networks professionally to monitor the wireless or wifi traffic in the environment. The application requires some amount of experience and skill-set to carry out operations. Bcmon apk works only on the rooted devices, which gives you access for users to monitor their wireless network wirelessly. The wireless network requires a constant monitoring activity, as traffic could ruin the entire network in a quick span of time.


Wireless access can be controlled and managed in an easy way by a skilled network professional, as he or she will have enough idea about managing traffic and to put restriction depending on the requirement. We can see a lot of parental blocking activities happening on different networks, but it is not constant in every network. As most of the IT and network professionals would be in need of access to those kinds of websites on a regular basis to report and block the content from providing the network access to people around you.


The restriction could play a major role in corporate industries, as they prefer to provide limited access to employees. The limited access in any of the organization can provide a better productive number, as employees would not be wasting productive time by visiting personal sites on a regular basis.

[GUIDE] Use aircrack-ng on android phone usi… | Android Development and Hacking

IT and network professionals are responsible for managing a particular network by balancing the traffic. Bcmon apk can be used both in residential and for commercial purposes, as it can be used to access and monitor both the networks in an easy way. IT and network professionals require every access possible over a wireless or wifi network, as it helps them to figure out the errors to avoid any crash in traffic in a particular network. Go to the Google login page. Right-click somewhere on the page, and click View page source. Copy all of the contents of the source code and paste them into your text document.

Make a new text file, and paste the below as the contents paste the raw text, not the numbered. This is the file written in PHP that logs the victim's login details. Again, make sure "all files" is selected in the file type drop-down menu.

¿Como hackear una red WiFi?

When credentials are logged, they will be in a file called "passwords. Check the box next to the "passwords.

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Change the file to permissions, so other people can't read the victim's passwords. Step 2 Manipulating Google How exactly does the manipulation work behind this?

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